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Hickory Dickory Dock, the rat ran up the clock.... and boy oh boy did he ever love that clock. He never wanted to leave that clock and as a matter of fact he wanted to set up a permanent residence in the inside of that beautiful clock! One problem the rat did have however, was deciding which clock he wanted to take up his residence in. The clocks with the beautiful etched copper faces with the warm patinas are so lovely to look at how could the little ratty resist those? The Cascade Range is picturesque and has a real out of doors rustic feel to it. The dragonfly etching would be great as the little fuzzy rat would feel at home with other creatures extraordinare. And then when the weather takes a turn, the Winter Branches would just be a lovely rustic clock to hang out in. They look equally as good hanging on a wall as they do gracing a spot on the mantle.

Other  gorgeous styles of clocks are painstakingly constructed of some of the finest oak that can be had. What a cozy warm house that would make for a little furry friend. These are so well made, that the whole rat family should really be able to move in, as they are so sturdy they could surely  accommodate a crowd. The clock faces (you may choose from the Roman face or the Oakland face) and the stains on some of the rustic clocks have different options to choose from, so please be sure and look carefully at the different pages and read what those options are. The Drake Clock has these different wood options:  cherry, walnut, non-stained Honduran mahogany. For slightly more, choose from the following premier woods: birdseye maple, stained (med or dark) quarter-sawn white oak, stained Honduran, Australian lacewood, and jatoba These also make lovely clocks to sit on a table, as the back is finished so well that it could be a focal point of beauty as well. Backs fit together just perfect and the stain it gorgeous on the entire clock, as nothing was overlooked. A few of the rustic clocks even have high quality pendulums that make for a wonderful time swinging back and forth. What fun theses little critters love to have.

With times being tight for the little rodents, the Valley Clock and the Hillyard clock were good home price points that are budget friendly for the little loved ones just starting out in life. Now time is ticking away and these rustic clocks won't be around forever, so you should  get yourself a rustic clock or perhaps even two,  one for the living room and one for the den, heck maybe you should get three, as you most likely need one for the bedrooms too. Make sure that you give the lovely little bundles of love a home and by having more than one, they can bring their buddies over to live and you can have a whole neighborhood of the little dolls. They are one of the most misunderstood, smart loving animals on the planet.... and quite a bit smarter than a whole lot of people.

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