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For whom the doorbell tolls!
Who would have ever thought that a doorbell could be a warmly coveted possession in your assembly of belongings. The high and mighty doorbell has demonstrated to become just that! A desirable item with established mechanical components, select woods, and distinguished extras such as meticulously made square ebony plugs and solid quartersawn oak,  these doorbells are by far the most exceptional available anywhere! our phone: (509) 535 5098

Mission Hills doorbells

Mulholland Drive and Studio City

Garden Grove collection

The Old Town copper doorbell

Sycamore rustic doorbells

Questions about how to install? 
It's easy, but if you are stumped then click here to download
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Rustic doorbells can add so much to the interior of a home. You don't want to stop at the door when it comes to a rustic feel, I mean we have you covered with doorbell buttons and doorknockers, but we say, lets continue that feel as you walk through the front door of your home. The doorbells that we have are sure to ring your chimes, sort to speak. Usually when you enter a home, the doorbell is something that goes virtually unnoticed. Well, we'd like to put a stop to all that. Why not take a doorbell, especially in a home that has rustic decor and decide to make a home fashion statement out of it. No fading into the woodwork, sort of say! Standout and make a statement.

The beautiful gorgeous oak woods that some of these rustic doorbells are constructed from are a sight to behold. Some of them even have inlays made with lemonwood. The heavy duty copper has a masculine feel if you have a need for a more heavy duty look. A man's .... or woman's home is their castle after all.  If you are going for an older, vintage feel you must take a peek at the Telegraph Avenue dual chime doorbell. It has a feel that is reminiscent of an old vintage telephone cabinet, it even has brass connectors at the bottom and uses genuine cloth covered wire. The North Mountain Dual Chime is so beautiful it is even finished off with genuine ebony plugs. So, lets just say here, that you aren't getting a regular doorbell cover that you get at the hardware store, these babies are quality made. And if you ever wanted to get two, this is the place to do it. Some homes have more that one doorbell in their home. Often one may be situated at the back door or perhaps their is more that one entrance to the house at the front area.. We have seen some homes that have a side entrance in by the kitchen and they have a doorbell button and a doorbell near that door entry. Then the other one would be in the main entrance of the home, and that one would be more formal in nature where guests would enter the home. Therefore we have got you covered with not only all your doorbell button needs, but your actual doorbell as well. Better get a looking.