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hand forged fireplace tools
hand forged fireplace tools

Our wonderful fireplace tools are the real thing! Heavy duty,  attractive pieces of hand forged iron, they add ultimate rustic charm  to your fireside ambiance. In a bevy of styles, with different holders, we are sure to meet your rustic fireplace needs.

 Ben's artistic iron fireplace tools

Craftsman fire screens

Imagine a huge stone fireplace, reaching perhaps, all the way up to the ceiling. A hefty hearth with a huge hunk of tree constructed for the mantle. You wouldn't want a wimpy pair of fireplace tools sitting nearby, that would look silly! Nope, not a good look. You need our hand forged fireplace tools. Luckily for you, you came to the right place.  

We have a great selection, constructed by our wonderful artisan, Ben. He painstakingly hand forges our line of superb fireplace tools. Take a trip back in time over a hundred years and see just how it is done! We aren't making anything in China here, this guy is the real thing. He lives the life,  walks the walk, and of course talks the talk! He really gets into his blacksmithing and is sometimes assisted by his wife or son. Maybe even his pot bellied pig. We really wish you could see his shop.  it sits in a peaceful mountain valley with a great view to the south. The air smells fresh and clean while he works his magic hammering the metal into beautiful heavy duty hand forged fireplace tools. 

He makes a bevy of different styles. If you need a holder for three or four tools, he can do it. How about a broom, poker and shovel? Or,  maybe you just need the tongs, shovel and poker. You can mix and match. How about hanging them on the wall, or perhaps you have space on the floor for a three or four  tool stand.  The leaf motif is a favorite look, but if you desire something a bit more simple, the traditional style, may be more up your alley. We also carry a line with a very Arts and Crafts theme, that would look great if you live in a Craftsman bungalow or American Four Square style home. You simply must check out the Hearth Center that he creates. It is structured with true mortise and tenon joinery, just like the old time furniture makers used to do. It is extremely high quality and held together without obtrusive welds. It has ample room to store a load of wood for your cracklin' fire! All you need to do is just select which tools that you would like to get your hands on to hang on it. If space in a real issue, you should check out our wall hangers for the tools. The round top loop tools hang right on the pegs. 

Be sure and take a look at the fireplace screens too. Although they aren't made by Ben, they are very complementary and look super with the fireplace tools that we have.

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