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Rustic curtain rods

It is a disheartening affair to view the sad selections of curtain hardware generally available. Wouldn't it better to find something individually artisan made that could serve as a focal point of the room? Click the links below to view our selections.

block and scallop solid wood

cast bronze pinecone motif



It is a rare day indeed, when you don't want to put curtains up on your curtain rods. We're afraid that just may be the scenario you will be facing when you install these beautiful rustic curtain rods onto your wall. They are just so darn attractive, that putting up a curtain may obscure your view of the beautiful rustic rods. The Pine Motif rods are just visually stunning. They are hand cast of solid bronze and are just perfect for putting finishing touches on your cabin or lodge home. Just imagine, they are made from castings of actual pine cones and branches, so you don't get much more realistic looking. Only these ones won't be disintegrating before you eyes and making a mess on the floor with little pieces of wood and such. Please give one of our friendly phone persons and they will explain everything you need to know about these wonderful rustic curtain rods. Also we have gorgeous tiebacks to go with the rods, and they are made in the exact same flavor, so they will add so much to the rustic feel of any of your rooms.

If pinecones aren't you thing, check out the Maple leaf rods.