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rustic doorknobs
rustic doorknobs 

These rustic doorknobs look like they could have just appeared in a John Wayne movie!  
It's hard to believe that such heavy duty, high quality doorknobs are available in this day and age, when everything seems disposable. 
Along with their superior components, the best part is - they look so cool!!!!

Mission Hills rustic doorknobs and Renaissance Collection

Rustic Sonoma doorknobs 

Glass and Porcelain doorknobs

Florentine door knob backplate collection


You've come to the right place if you want doorknobs that are anything, but boring. Classic, elegant, substantial - these are just a few words to describe the caliber of these well crafted gems. Did you know that their are many similarities between the rustic period and the Victorian era. Case in point - the Florentine rustic doorknob collection. It looks equally good and is appropriate in a Victorian Queen Anne home, as well as a rustic home or lodge. That good old wild west was in existence, when women were sashaying around in their Sunday best. Dressed to the nines with button topped boots,  a laced up bodice, with a frilly parasol over their shoulder. The women would mosey home after church, while the men would most likely visit the local watering hole, perhaps for a game of poker and a shot of whiskey. These gorgeous knobs are just so very  reminiscent of the late 1800's.  Their elaborate designs once embellished the homes of the noble and wealthy. However,  these graceful yet rustic looking doorknobs can radiate your passion for  the good life from room to room.

 The same ambiance can be had from the crystal and porcelain knobs too!  Ah, the good old days, and a good choice for either time period.  If you don't desire any kind of a frilly ornate look, but just a nicely finished piece of metal the Sonoma and Mission Hills door knob collections are a must see. Finished in warm bronzes, we also have available the ever popular brushed nickel, antique pewter, and vintage brass finishes, plus, included in this selection we have bright chrome and brass too. Also, we know you know this, but we will mention it anyway.  The only shape of a knob isn't round. We have egg shaped, or oval  and also levers in many styles to choose from. Plus the back plates are variable also. They can be  small  and round,  to blend in unobtrusively with the knob, or they can be oblong and complement the style and shape of the knob that you have chosen. You can choose locking knobs, closet knobs, dummy knobs, and lots more. Just imagine a wonderful white porcelain knob or perhaps a brushed nickel knob in a bathroom, or perhaps even on a pantry door, what a wonderfully classic look.

 Once you start adorning your rustic abode with these affordable knobs, you will wonder how you got along so long without them. They add so much rustic flavor and warmth that you will have all you friends and family wanting to get their own hands on these knobs.