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rustic doorknockers
rustic doorknockers

No knock knock jokes here - these doorknockers are the real thing! No kidding. The heavy duty rustic hardiness of yesteryear, along with fine quality craftsmanship to boot! Are we talking rustic or what? Please,  just take a quick gander below to get your rustic doorknocker mojo working overtime!

pine motif doorknockers

spike door knockers


When people come a knocking  at your front door,  they may not want to come inside. They will be so mesmerized by your wonderful doorknocker, that they won't be able to move a muscle! But just in case they can, be careful, you don't want them to try and take it directly off your front door. The heavy duty clang, clang, clop,  of your rustic doorknocker is a warm welcome addition to your charming rustic home! Quality is the name of the game, when it comes to our doorknocker collections!

Some examples of rustic doorknockers that we carry are the solid bronze,  cast pinecone doorknocker collection. They are cast in a world class foundry from actual pinecones,  twigs and branches of ponderosa, spruce, western hemlock, white pine and fir branches to name a few. They produce an absolute stunning look for accessorizing your front door  in the ultimate rustic style. Please be sure an check out the
harmonizing  pulls, knobs, handles,  switch plate covers, curtain rods with tiebacks, and bath and kitchen hardware, which includes, towel bar, toilet paper holders, plus a whole lot more.  If you decide you a few of these pieces it will give you a real pulled together look. Amazingly, it is all made in the good old United States of America and  it is very affordable too.

The spike doorknocker, direct from America's railroading past, is a great treat for the model railroader to display on the front of their home. As a matter of fact, it's a real treat for just about any rustic fan. Each doorknocker uses an actual railroad spike that was in use for many decades at the railroad. Of course, each spike is different and has it's own individuality so expect variation. No derailments here, please! We also have smooth cast bronze doorknockers, which have a classy look that is easy to appreciate! If you don't want too busy of a look,  this collection has an extremely classic  look  and will complement a cabin,  lodge, time frame home, or Adirondack dwelling  magnificently.  Please keep in mind that they also look outstanding in a craftsman bungalow, a mission looking domicile or even a home that is newly constructed. The simple lines make it a very versatile piece.

I hear you knocking, but you can't come in! Remember, we have more that just the knockers. Please check out all our wonderful doorbell buttons, doorbell covers, mailboxes and house numbers too. When it comes to making an entrance in a rustic way, we really have all the bases covered. Start out with one of the rustic knockers and take it from there.