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rustic hardware
rustic hardware

Rustic hardware is our specialty.  Heavy duty cast bronze, pinecone motifs, and fresh from the forge iron, are but a few of the stunning offerings that we have. Animal lover's unite, our motifs include horse, fish, bear, moose and buffalo designs, to name a few. The cowboy or cowgirl in us all, loves the rustic use of boots, horseshoes and stars in our rustic hardware decor. Nature, a favorite rustic theme, contains offerings of leaves, pinecones, twigs, and branches. We also have forged brass and lots of hard to find rustic hardware for the bathroom and kitchen, including cupboard latches, bin pulls and even refrigerator handles. Our phone: 509-535-5098

hand forged rustic bathroom accessories animal knobs
kitchen hardware Syracuse rustic hardware collection
knobs and pulls fresh from the forge towel bars
bear, buffalo, moose, and pinecone knobs

toilet paper holders

rustic pine motif handles rustic cowboy hardware
Great Outdoors collection rustic tree, leaf, and twig hardware
cast bronze hardware more leaf and twig designs
coat hooks horse motif
fish motif knob and handles Native American motif
Western Frontier collection animal paw prints
full sized cast bronze deer antler bronze leaf cabinet knobs
hinges Watkins collection brass hardware
Old Maine collection Kitty Winchester's parlor jewels


If you live in a cabin, lodge, ranch or perhaps a new construction abode, the style of hardware you choose to display says a lot about who you are! We have so many different types to choose from, you may have a quite a time trying to decide which one is right up your alley! 

Say you are residing in your summer home, a quaint log cabin overlooking the lake. You decide that you really need something to give the place some added charm  and  you are looking for pinecones to put on that special cabinet.  You ask yourself, "does anybody even make anything like that?" Well, you've come to the right place, cause we've got them! They are constructed in solid bronze with two beautifully warm finishes to choose from.  They are available in knobs, pulls,  handles and more, including some spectacular door knockers. You can complete a look on a single piece, or perhaps even redo your entire kitchen. The heavy duty cast bronze sets the stage for a very handsome home with a real sturdy feel to it. Try out something a little wild, with the vast array of animals in one of our wildlife collections. We have horses, bears, fish, moose and even buffalos that will bring the great out of doors directly inside your dwelling. Along with leaves, twigs, branches, antlers and pinecones, your residence truly becomes one with nature. Direct from the forge, we have a multitude of hand made iron items. These include hooks, handles, knobs, pulls, and lots of items for the kitchen and bathroom. The towel bars, towel rings and toilet paper holders come in a bevy of different designs and finishes.  One, or more,  will surely catch your eye and fit into your decorating theme. We even have a wonderful selection of iron hinges, bolts, latch sets, pulls, grips, hasps and handles that are constructed by blacksmiths that live way off the grid. Try putting those up on your barn door and shutting it up and locking it!

Believe you me, partner, when your looking for something warm and charming, this is indeed,  the right place! Spend a few moments, take your time and look around. Whether you reside in a humble abode, or a grand rustic lodge, you are sure to find that special look you have been searching for!