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rustic rugs
rustic rugs

Our Rustic rugs just make you want to snuggle up near  the hearth and admire their beauty for yourself! You can be assured of anxiety free purchasing with our  three day trial period! It is wonderful for making sure that you have purchased the right size for you area, the colors are what you desire, and that the patterns will fit right in with your other rustic decor. Don't worry - be happy! Our phone: (509) 535 5098

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Rustic Autumn Gingko rug and Flora Nirvana  rug collections


Rustic Rugs add so much ambiance to a room! Whether you are residing in a retreat of gargantuan proportions or a humble cabin in the woods, this is just the thing to fill out that barren area on your floor! These rich looking carpets are sure to bring lots of compliments to any room they adorn! The 100% wool is truly luxurious and the beautiful hand knotting is par excellence! If you are going for a Native American theme, be sure and check out the East Fork, Mount Logan and Mojave styles.  Many styles, such as the Autumn Gingko and Flora Nirvana,  evoke a woodland feel, with floral,  tree, pinecone or leaves as the focal point. The wonderful tones include sage green, warm brown, slate, burgundy, wheat,  creams, barley, and saffron. By chance, some of these sound a lot like food, are you getting hungry yet? Our rugs are made of gorgeous wool from Tibet and New Zealand, plus they are made without using any child labor. If you the old wild west is more your bag, then perhaps the rug for you is the Old West Rug. It comes in a couple of different shades, earth tones and fall shades,  and about ten different sizes are available.  The Pine Grove rug has three different color tones available and the Plentiful Pine Rug has five different shade offerings. They  are perfect choices in a log cabin,  retreat, or lodge for that matter. The pine trees and pine cone motif are so pastoral and inviting you won't want to leave the comfort of your home. These rugs aren't just for rustic homes either. They also look great in new construction homes, ranchers, and vintage bungalows to name just a few.

We know size matters, so we have a wide range of dimensions for your particular needs. A smaller rug, say, two feet by three feet, for directly in front of the hearth, or perhaps you need a three foot by five foot to fit into an inglenook nearby.  The substanial 10 foot by 14 foot size would fit in nice in your dining room,  living area or perhaps even your bedroom. These rustic rugs are hand dyed, hand carded, hand spun and well of course, hand made. Plus, they are handsome! Shipping varies, because of the size and location of where the rug is going, so please call and talk to one of our friendly associates for a shipping and handling quote.