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Picking the right rustic light switchplate is now a cinch! We have heaps of switch plate choices that make it fun and easy  to come up with a particular rustic decorating theme. Whether you are of a serious natured person, or are just a downright exuberant individual, we are sure to have the right light switchplate for you! 

Solid cast bronze switchplates

Etched copper tree motif

Cast bronze pine bark switchplates

The Northwest Switchplate Collection

Port Orford wooden switchplate assortment

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Who would have ever imagined that a light switch plate could add so much to the decor of your home? A small simple thing can become a focal point in a dining room, living room, bedroom, kitchen or bath.  Take a few minutes and check out all the exciting looks one can create when given the opportunity. Choose a theme and run with it throughout your home, and your friends and family will be astounded. When your wall needs a wake up call, you need to check out our rustic switchplates. We have plenty of different collections at our enormous rustic website The Rustic Homes Connection. Do you like moose, bears, buffalos, horses, wolves or fish? How about a grove of trees, or a duck taking a bath in a pond of cattails? If cowboy or cowgirl chic is your idea of fun, we have plenty of scenario's. Barrel riders, rope teams, romantic horseback riders, campfires, and even cowmen sitting on a fence - yippee!

Or perhaps a burley looking piece of barbed wire with a really rust looking finish - whoa partner. The choices are endless. Imagine solid bronze that is cast to look like the bark of a tree in your lakeside lodge. The neighbors will be wondering where the heck you got that! Your must check out the etched gingko leave motif in copper, brass and brass verde. It is truly stunning! We also have etchings of waves, willow leaves and the ever popular Frank Lloyd Wright motif. What a treasure trove!

The charming look of rustic metals is a real delight in an outdoor  retreat setting!   Antiqued hand hammered copper, antiqued hand hammered brass, nickel finish, even, get this, 24 carat gold plate - now your talking! Did we forget to mention that we carry many different wooden switch plates too? How about white oak, or western alder? Maybe fir or cherry would be better. Perhaps red oak or yellow pine is more up your tree. You get the idea - we have rustic wood switchplates too!  Grab a cup of cowboy coffee, take a few minutes and preview all of our different varieties!  

As far as configurations are concerned, we have many different options. Single toggle, triple toggle, quadruple pushbutton, most likely we can accommodate your needs whether difficult or easy. Talk to one of our friendly phone representatives and they will be more than happy to assist your requirements. We think you will make a switch for the better - light switch for the better,  that is!

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