pine motif curtain rod
budget rustic curtain rod
budget curtain rod patina detail
finish options

Pine motif curtain hardware

This hardware is hand cast bronze made in the USA, except for the budget rods, which are made of solid steel.

At a minimum you need to get two support brackets and a rod. As an option you can add pinecone finials on the end. Longer windows may need a center support bracket.

The pinecone finials shown are $32.95 each and they screw on to the end of the rod. They are 1.25 inches in diameter. If you want larger ones, we also make 1.75 inch in diameter for slight additional cost.

Support brackets are $69.95 each and are either "u" shaped so that the rod rests in the "u", or they have an "o" shaped hole that the rod slides through.

There are two types of rods. The cast bronze rod shown in the first picture is $84 per foot, so the cost can add up fast. The budget rod shown in the second picture has a somewhat bark-like rustic look and is made of steel. The cost is $13.95 per foot, so that is a lot more affordable.

You can choose between two finishes. Those are "brassy tones" and "coppery tones". However, the budget rods are only available in the coppery tones. note: The budget rod picture we show does not have the finish applied yet.

tip: When measuring for rod length it is a good idea to leave some extra space on both sides for the curtain material to bunch up into.

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