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Rustic door knobs

Whenever outfitting a cabin, lodge, ranch, or farmhouse with rustic door knobs it pays dividends to consider solid and substantial designs. Cast metal is vastly preferable to stamped steel or brass because it appears weighty, which in fact it is. Many people prefer a simplistic unornamented design such as the beveled style, but if you have a western ranch look it is worth remembering that the west was settled primarily during the Victorian period and though it may appear incongruous a Victorian style back plate and knob such as the Carson style can actually look extremely appropriate plus add an element of fun and anarchy.

One important measurement that needs to be specified for rustic door knobs to fit correctly is the backset. To determine that distance measure from the center of the hole in the door where the knob installs over to the edge of the door. That will either be two and three eights inches or two and three quarter inches.

Our rustic door knobs are rated not only for interior doors, but also for exterior use, but you'll want to order a matching deadbolt as well if you are outfitting an outside door. If you need rustic door hardware for multiple exterior doors with deadbolts be sure to bring that to our attention as we will be able to key all the deadbolts alike, at no additional charge.

Rustic door hardware

Our rustic door hardware includes not only conventional doorknobs and back plates on both sides of the door, but also in the case of the iron collection the outside part of the door can be configured with a handle set. Another nicety for entry doors is matching finish hinges with integrated ball bearings. Ball bearing hinges can support a lot of weight and also make for smooth operation and minimal wear. Certainly worth the small additional charge.