rustic door knocker

Rustic door knocker

Log cabins are notoriously difficult when installing wired doorbells. It's possible to use a wireless unit, but they are typically very unappealing in appearance. A rustic door knocker is an excellent solution. Rustic doorknockers can be heard even in a remote portion of the structure, plus if chosen wisely they have a fantastic look them that can really make and excellent impression to whomever it standing at the front door.

Installation of front door knockers

Front door knockers arrive with patinated fasteners that make it easy to install. To avoid disappointment it is an extremely good idea to make faint pencil markings through the screw holes and measure to make certain the unit is going to be centered properly. Another idea is to hold the knocker stationary and have someone take a photograph. Contemplating the photo will help decide whether the rustic door knocker is elevated, below optimum, or positioned correctly. In the event you have a steel or fiberglass door make sure that you are using the correct size drill bit to create the pilot hole. It's a lot easier to enlarge a hole that is drilled too small rather than deal with a mounting hole that is too large.

Railroad spike rustic door knocker

You'll notice that we feature a particularly interesting front door knocker, based on a railroad spike. Before you get too interested in that style of rustic door knocker we should inform you that this is subject to availability and also that obviously spikes come in a wide variety of looks and dimensions and so you'll need to be very tolerant and willing to live with something that will undoubtedly look a lot different than our picture.