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Rustic hardware

The term rustic hardware encompasses an extremely wide variety of styles, from cast bronze rustic cabinet pulls that closely mimic forms found in nature such as pinecones, twigs, acorns, fish, moose, bear, buffalo and many others. A cabin, lodge, ranch, or lodge is greatly enhanced with the thoughtful addition of unique hardware and rustic cabinet pulls that are two steps superior to what you would find at the local big box store.

Rustic cabinet pulls

One thing you'll want to determine is what the center to center distance between the mountin holes is in the case of handle type pulls. If you are installing new cabinetry then you have the option of choosing that dimension, which is generally either three or four inches (although there can be exceptions). If you have existing cabinets then measure from the center of one mounting hole to the center of the other and if all goes as planned that will be a common and standard dimension. You'll want to cogitate on the kind of look you envision for the end result. Maybe you are trying to recreate a late eighteen hundred western ranch in which case you may want western motifs such as boots and cacti, but remember that the high point for the wild west happened clearly in the Victorian era, so it is entirely appropriate to consider rustic hardware that has a distinct Victorian flavor to it. That might seem counterintuitive, but it is a concept worth considering. On the other hand, with a log cabin look with plenty of natural wood and stone in view, consider that cast bronze nature motif knobs and pulls made with the lost wax casting method, or possibly wrought iron that has been hand forged. A lake cabin could make good use of rustic hardware like fish motif knobs and rustic cabinet pulls with other aquatic oriented images such as boat motifs.