timber time house numbers
SIZE aluminum
4 high, 1/8 thick $13.95
4 high, 1/4 thick $14.95
6 high, 1/8 thick $15.95
6 high, 1/4 thick $16.95

sh: 6%, at least $14.95

sorry, copper and brass not available at this time

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finish examples

All the copper numbers shown are what they look like when new. Shiny and pinkish, they are similar to a new copper penny. They start to darken soon. Depending on the outside elements where you live, and the batch of copper used, they will darken faster, slower, or a little different than your neighbor. Hey - just like pennies darken with age and each looks a little different. Brass numbers mellow, but do not change as much as copper.

Want to know for sure how they will look on your house? Try printing out the page showing the numbers you are interested in, then enlarge them to either 4 inches or 6 inches on a copy machine. Cut them out and tape them to the side of your house. Good idea, isn't it?

Our numbers are unlacquered. "Ordinary" house numbers available at home improvement centers are typically lacquered and quite shiny...at least for awhile. It usually doesn't take too long until the lacquer starts peeling off and then you have to strip the rest of the lacquer off, followed by polishing and relacquering. Then, pretty soon you have to start all over again The natural aging of these numbers are very attractive! If you do want these shiny, you might try some brasso and 00 steel wool to shine them up. Of course, you'll have to do this periodically. Also... we would strongly suggest trying it out on the back of a numbers to see if you like the effect before committing to do the whole thing. Like we implied.... they look just great when left alone!

Predrilled and prestressed with abrasive exposure, they come with brass escutcheon pins for unobtrusive hanging.

aged copper
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