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Rustic chandelier lighting

Rustic chandelier lighting is generally substantial, heavy, ponderous, and almost what you could picture in a European hunting lodge. Wrought iron chandeliers look very appropriate, if you have the headroom for them. They can be circular, oval, square, or rectangular in shape. With most of our suspended ceiling lights you can specify the "drop" measurement so the bottom of the fixture is at an appropriate height

Rusting lighting

Rustic lighting encompasses a wide range of styles and motifs. The first style that comes to mind are lights that feature nature motifs such as moose, deer, elk, and the like. Closely related to those are the ubiquitous mountain motif, fly fisherman, pinecone and related plant motifs. But many craftsman style rustic light fixtures also look very appropriate. It is easy to see how ranches could feature cowboy imagery in their lights, so we would have to include western motifs in our large net of rustic lighting. Even Asian motifs can look appropriate, for example lanterns with large overhanging rooflines.

Rustic wall sconces, choosing the right size

It may seem like an extra hassle, but it is a very good to cut a piece of paper or cardboard to the correct dimensions of the light fixture you are considering and then tape it to the wall and see if it seems like it is the correct size. It is very common to find that the size you thought you needed doesn't really work that well and maybe you should actually get the next size larger (or smaller).

You would absolutely be surprised how often this method identifies an incorrect size, it is probably over fifty percent of the time.

Rustic light fixtures

Rustic light fixtures are generally similar in function to fixtures in other styles in that you see the basic functional designs of wall sconces, flush ceiling mount fixtures (especially in a porch area), large lodge like rustic chandelier lighting, more standard chandeliers, vanity lights, desk lamps, pendant with between one and three lights typically suspended by chain or stem, low voltage landscape lights including integrated step lights.

More so than other styles, rustic lighting is often made with a base metal that is steel. Not to say that brass is not also a popular metal to use. A popular finish for rustic light fixtures both indoor and outdoor is a rust finish and that is one that lends itself to steel construction. But also remember that decorating in a western theme that much of the settlement of the west happened during the Victorian era and so it is entirely appropriate to incorporate the apparent incongruence of the crudeness of a western ranch look and the over the top exuberance of a polished brass Victorian light fixture.