rustic lights

Rustic Light Fixtures

Designer rustic lighting includes many motifs such as bear, moose, elk, and both exterior and interior designs. Rustic light fixtures and wrought iron chandeliers are a surefire way to lend a modern rustic look to even a contemporary style house. There is western lighting for the ranch, rustic dining room chandeliers for the lodge, and unique sconces for the cabin.

The best choice for an exterior lodge light is one in which the base metal is either a non-ferrous metal such as brass, or a steel rustic light with a durable and hopefully UV resistant powder coat finish. Glass is the lens of choice for durability when configuring rustic lighting for exterior applications. Mica can also be used, but the binder used in the construction of mica lenses is subject to breaking down over time. So a mica rustic light fixture is best used in a sheltered area such as a covered porch where it won't have direct exposure to the elements. Exterior rustic lights must also have certain conditions met for electrical safety so that water won't get inside the tubing that contains the conductor. And of course electrical grounding is necessary for reasons of safety. It always pays to have a competent electrical contractor do the wiring, just to be on the safe side.

When brightness is important, such as when you are illuminating a walkway outside you'll want to choose glass that is light rather than dark. Frosted glass in rustic lighting works well since it is bright and also obscures the image of the bulb. Most modern bulbs are, shall we say, not very aesthetically appealing, especially CFL type bulbs. Other good types of glass for maximum exterior visibility are clear seeded glass and white opalescent art glass. But bear in mind that seeded glass allows you to see the bulb, in which case you might consider using one of the modern reproduction vintage bulbs.

To light up a curving walkway to a cabin consider using a series of post mount rustic lights that follows the natural contours of the walkway. With the low wattage requirements of the newer LED bulbs you can have a long series of lights and barely cause any current draw, thus saving on your electric bill. Most post mount lights are designed to use a three inch in diameter metal post. You can acquire those locally. Getting posts locally will save big on shipping costs.

Using multiple bulbs in a sealed ceiling fixture used to be a bad idea due to heat buildup,which could cause thermal deterioration of the insulation on the wiring. But with LED bulbs the heat generated is extremely minimal and so this is no longer an issue.

Much of the settlement of the western part of the United States happened during the Victorian era, which ranged from mid-century up through about 1895 or so, ultimately being eclipsed by the craftsman movement popularized by William Morris in England, Charles Rennie Mackintosh of Scotland, Gustav Stickley in the eastern United States, Frank Lloyd Wright and his prairie movement in Illinois, and Greene and Greene in the west coast area. Consequently, much rustic lighting is in the Victorian style and will look appropriate in a western ranch or cabin. However, a lodge look will require a more substantial and sturdy look that would be more appropriate for a timberline lodge and the delicate Victorian styling may be out of its league.