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Rustic mailbox

Despite the burgeoning quantities of ever-expanding junk mail, there are occasionally useful objects that arrive by mail, such as cards for anniversaries, condolences, and birthdays. There might even be a priority mail package of a smaller trinket that you've been eagerly awaiting. Why not make the short trip to retrieve the mail one that is enjoyable by treating yourself to a rustic mailbox. Whether you have a cabin, lodge, ranch, or farmhouse our voluminous selections will almost certainly contain something of interest for you.

Styles of rustic mailboxes

A number of our rustic mailboxes have integrated art glass, which resides behind cutouts in the solid brass that features motifs such as your house number, the word "post", nature scenes such as herons or ginkgo leaves, or abstract geometric designs that may have a vintage flavor such as craftsman motifs, and we even have plain metal mailboxes. There is a wide range of finish available including various brass, oil rubbed bronze, raw copper, verdegris and others. The seven types of art glass provide many options for your rustic mailbox. These wall mount mailboxes easily mounted with two screws which are hidden under the lid and are not seen unless the lid is opened. There a extra options available such as a locking mechanism and also magazine or newspaper arms. Make certain you check out the drawings which show all the dimensions so you can make sure it will physically fit in the location you are planning to install it.

For those with rural streetside mailboxes that are on a post rather than attached to the side of a structure, our copper wrapped rural mailboxes feature many different motifs, from your house number, to fish, pine tree designs, even dragonfly and wheat. You can use your existing post and that will make installation much easier.

Also offered are two quartersawn oak wall mount rustic mailboxes with a fantastic vintage stylistic flair. However, it is important to note that these, although fantastic looking, must be installed in a dry area such as under a porch. If exposed to rain you will end up with degradation of the wood as well as wet mail. But make sure you take a look at them, you definitely won't find anything like this at a big box store.