rustic mail slot

Rustic mail slot

When considering a rustic mail slot you typically discover the average rustic mail slot is uninteresting. Perfectly functional, but disturbingly lacking vivacity. Our mail slots are high style pieces constructed with the understanding that when guests are standing at the front door everything should look impressive and presentable. Definitely discontented with pedestrian metals comparable to steel, ours are made of rust proof non-ferrous metals such as solid cast bronze and hammered copper. They look unquestionably appropriate not only for cabin, ranch, lodge, or farmhouse, but also for many historic house styles for those attempting to recreate a vintage look whether contemporary or existing construction. Impressive quantities of metal are utilized to assure solid, sturdy, and reliable operation.

Rustic mailslot configurations

Just to make matters more confusing, there are two configurations of mailslots. The cast bronze units include both front part for the outside of the door as well as a flap for the interior part of the door. On the other hand, the hammered copper style is available with the exterior part and interior parts sold separately in the event you don't need an interior part.

Be certain to measure carefully so you get a mail slot with the correct dimensions. If measuring to cut a hole in an existing door think everything through carefully. It would be a catastrophe to cut the hole off center or the wrong dimensions. It is always best to wait until the mail slot arrive so you can carefully compare it to the hole you are about to cut. Preparation will pay dividends. When in doubt hire a professional to do the work.