rustic picture frames; Rustic wood picture frames

Rustic picture frames

An exceptional way to house your historic vintage family pictures of old granddad than rustic wood pictures hand made by skilled American artisans, especially when you want to favorably impress your visiting relatives? It is probably no secret that most photographic images could stand to be cropped a little in order the frame the subject more appropriately. However, you run the risk of needing oddball sized rustic picture frames. As luck would have it, we construct our rustic wood picture frames to order and as a result we are able to make them in such a way as to accommodate a non-standard size. We encourage you to call and discuss the dimensional details of the pictures you are working with. Our rustic picture frames are made to easily fit the picture a foamcore back, and glass. But what about thick painting such as oil paintings that are stretched over canvas? Unfortunately, these are too thick for our frames and they will typically make the entire frame stick out from the wall an unacceptable amount.

Rustic wood picture frames

In general, our rustic wood picture frames are made of quarter sawn white oak with your choice of medium or dark stain. Quarter sawn oak has attractive tiger striping, or what is sometimes called ray flakes. Other wood choices that are available possibly include mahogany and American cherry. Being custom made there is a certain amount of lead time involved which is usually on par with about four weeks plus or minus. Plan accordingly!

All our picture frames are made in America with extreme care and attention to detail.