Rustic home decor signs
rustic plaques

Solid bronze rustic plaques

dimensions price
5 by 5 inches $143.95
6 by 6 inches $178.95
8 by 8 inches $268.95
9 by 9 inches $355.95
8 by 10 inches
10 by 10 inches $341.95
4 by 12 inches $240.95
6 by 12 inches $308.95
12 by 10 inches $446.95
6 by 14 inches $342.95
14 by 10 inches $489.95
14 by 14 inches $622.95
16 by 10 inches $551.95
16 by 16 inches $786.95
18 by 10 inches $579.95
18 by 18 inches $1005.95
20 by 10 inches $623.95
24 by 10 inches $745.95
24 by 20 inches $1489.95

s&h: $28.95 for 80 square inches or smaller.
Other sizes call for quote.

Rustic home decor signs

Rustic home decor signs may be a durable and exterior use friendly metal such as cast bronze. Whatever the case, the overall appearance should not appear highly polished or too perfect. Endeavor imagining what would appear appropriate on a cabin, ranch, lodge, or farmhouse. Whimsical romantic signage remains the pinnacle of popularity.

rustic plaques

A bronze rustic plaque experiences unrelenting temperature and ultraviolet extremes however typically endures indefinitely. Layout artwork is provided antecedently to casting making sure you get exactly the appearance you want. If the lettering needs altering like increasing or decreasing the character dimensions that's certainly possible. When layout meets with your approval we authorize the plaque construction. Rustic home decor signs may exhibit a person's address number, or possibly the family name. Bronze rustic plaques are able to incorporate artwork, preferably line art, in addition to text, providing customer is willing to shoulder a small addtional expenditure. Avoiding mediocrity is uncomplicated with reflection.

Bronze plaque mounting methods

Typically rustic plaques are made incorporating front mounted screws. Additionally, other mounting methods may be preferable whenever the background is mineral, or masonry. Telephone us for a summarisation. Rustic home decor signs have generous and durable clearcoat finishes to minimize weathering.

If you are considering a plaque that displays the family name or a name of the property such as "Bar S Ranch" then size is not all that critical. However, if you are planning to display address numbers then it may be a good idea to consult with local authorities and inquire whether there exists a regulation regarding how tall the numbers need to be. It is not uncommom to find that numbers need to be four inches tall or more so that emergency vehicles are able to locate your property.