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Floor air vent cover

Wall air vents have the advantage of being in a location unaffected by footsteps. A floor air vent, however, must not only get points for style, but must have requisite sturdiness for people to step on occasionally. Typical registers exhibit adequacy, but an air vent with fashionable rustic motifs for cabin, lodge, ranch, or farmhouse the situation metamorphoses into something more challenging. For example, one style has a pinecone motif including pine needles. The metal is sturdy one eighth inch thick steel, but a pine needle design is inappropriate for floor use. Alternatively, we have a willow leaf motif which is made in solid cast iron. Jumping on that indefinitely is unlikely to cause any damage, except maybe to your feet. In general, an air vent for smaller duct opening sizes is likely to be stronger than one which is for a considerable sized opening, for example. We have a number of options for those large opening sizes, but they are likely to require extra welded support structures underneath which adds to the cost, but not too badly.

Wall air vents

Choices for wall locations are much more numerous since it isn't necessary to concern yourself with people walking on the faceplate. All of our steel rustic designs such as fly fisherman, cascade mountain range, and others would be more than appropriate. Wall units are usually provided with screwholes and matching screws, but there are exceptionss with certain styles, typically wood, where it is easy to drill a mounting hole in whatever location the customer deems to be most advantageous.

The most important thing to remember when preparing to get a rustic air vent is to measure the duct opening accurately. It is extremely common to find openings that are not standard sizes. This may or may not be a problem. Furthermore, if the location is in between two baseboards the situation is much more complicated. You'll want to call us for expert advice in that scenario. For any scenario, really. It is very important to get everything configured correctly and there are all sorts of ways to run into problems, so let us help you avoid that.