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Rustic rugs

A cabin, lodge, ranch, or farmhouse without a generous assortments of rustic rugs is a structure that feels uninviting, even in the presence of wooden walls or superior decorating. Furthermore, without multitudinous floor coverings there is likely an auditory penalty in terms distracting quantities of reflected sound that could easily be kept in check with some sound absorptive materials such as rustic rugs. And of course it goes without saying that the visual appearance of well chosen rustic rugs makes a massive improvement to the enjoyment of the interior of the building.

The highest quality and probably the most capital intensive type of rug is the hand knotted wool rug. But when you consider the fantastic longevity maybe they are the best value after all. There are a lot of hand knotted wool rustic rugs and craftsman rugs still in use that date back to the year nineteen ten and even earlier. Of course, there are certain secrets that aid in getting the most years of life from a rug. First, when you think about it, dust and dirt that ends up on a rug is a really a combination of organic and inorganic materials. The organic materials are things like tiny bits of leaves, which may be almost microscopic. Those are not abrasive and really present no source of concern. However, the inorganic materials include dust that may blow in a window and may contain very fine sand, which is essentially ground up rock or silica, and can be abrasive. These sand like particles can work their way into a rug and settle around the knots, which can experience wear through abrasion when a person walks on the rug and applies pressure and motion to the abrasive particles. Luckily, there is an easy solution, which is simply to vacuum your rug every week or so.