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Rustic wall stencils

Regardless of what type of home or structure you own from cabin, ranch, lodge, or farmhouse, the first inclination upon purchase is to personalize it with property upgrades either from a cosmetic visual level, or conversely from a structural level. Of course, cosmetic improvements pay the biggest dividend in terms of enjoyment, but structural repairs may take precedence depending upon how serious the weaknesses are. For example, a leaky roof must be dealt with right away or further degradation will ensue. But barring any significant structural defects homeowners can move directly to the fun stuff. Consider rustic wall stencils for a first project. Certainly you could proceed to a full kitchen remodel, but after ponying up the financial assets to get the property in the first place maybe it would be nice not to have a large cash outlay immediately. Rustic wall stencils pay a big dividend in visual appearance and best of all, the cost is extremely negligible. Plus, if you have not have the experience of stenciling yet you will be able to learn a new and useful skill that will also provide a lot of enjoyment and sense of accomplishment.

Materials for rustic stencils

In the days of yesteryear stencils were made of thin cardboard. They worked acceptably, but were difficult or impossible to clean and eventually would exhibit degradation through use, which would translate to the end result. Our rustic stencils are made of thin plastic which can be used over and over again without the problems you would experience with cardboard stencils. Furthermore, our rustic wall stencils are much easier to keep clean.

The basic tools to use are stencil brushes and more importantly paint. These can be purchased at a local craft store such as Hobby Lobby. Naturally, it is a good idea to view paint colors in person and that is an advantage with a local store.