WE302 quarter angle view

Western Electric 302

This classic telephone amazing and delightful brass bells which are tuned to different notes, as well as having four leather feet and is perhaps the finest telephone ever made. This model was introduced in 1937 and was made until 1954. Originally made with a zinc alloy case, it later offered a thermoplastic case. The famous industrial designer Henry Dreyfuss is responsible for the original design. If you are a fan of vintage movies, you'll see this phone featured prominently in one movie after another.

Restoration highlights:
The dial has been fully disassembled, cleaned, and lubricated for years of trouble-free service. The finger wheel has been sandblasted and powder coated in semi-gloss black. Dial card and acetate cover are new. A perfectly matching number overlay is installed.

Reproduction cloth cord is brand new and matches the original cord. A modern connector is provided so you can easily plug it into a modern phone jack.

The handset is ultrasonically cleaned and rehabbed with grits as fine as 2000 and then buffed to a beautiful shine.

The base is completely stripped and painted high gloss black, followed by components being cleaned and reinstalled.

Finally, each telephone undergoes extensive testing to make sure it is in perfect working order.

$229.95 with original plastic case
$289.95 with original metal case

S&H $24.95
$79.95 . . . pulse to tone converter

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dial view
cradle view
handset view
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