rustic handmade tiles

Rustic handmade tiles

If you've ever travelled to a high country lodge with a massive and impressive fireplace you have probably familiarized yourself with rustic handmade tiles, which are yet another decorative element that routinely becomes overlooked in the quest to add modern rustic or vintage rustic charm factor to a cabin, lodge, farmhouse, or ranch. Oftentimes used surrounding a fireplace, rustic handmade tiles, or rustic art tiles as they are sometime called are typically quite a bit thicker than a mass-produced tile from your local distributor. Ordinarily they are about three eights of an inch thick but it is not surprising to discover them as substantial as one half an inch thick, depending upon the style.

Many rustic handmade tiles are monochromatic, that it to say one color of glaze, but others can be polychromatic and multicolored. Another prominent location you'll often find these tiles is in kitchen or bathroom backsplashes. It is rare that all the tiles have the rustic patterns on them in that situation. Usually most of the tiles are plain field tiles with a few decorative tiles strategically placed for interest. Occasionally rustic tiles are used outdoors in places like around garden fountains or similar locations. This may be OK, or alternatively it may not work so well depending on a lot of weather factors such as the amount of freezing, which could potentially cause spalling, which is the flaking off of the glazing. Obviously that would be something to avoid. Still another use of these tiles is decorative placement by hanging on a wall, placing them on a piece of furniture. With a felt backing they can also be used as coasters. A popular display method is to prop them up vertically using a nifty accessory called a tile easel, which is actually something you can make if you are a handy person.